Visiting When The Cherry Trees Are Blooming Will Be Crowded | But It May Be Worth It

When To Visit DC

Visit During The Right Time Of The Year

What may appear to be the wrong time of year for most…may be the best time of year to visit for you if economics are a consideration.  There can be significant savings on hotels and travel during the winter and late summer.  A heavy coat and heat tolerance can result in big savings in your pocketbook. Otherwise, plan on paying higher rates during the primetime visits of most people to the city.  Travel is normally heavier in the spring, early summer and fall.  The Cherry Blossom Festival in Mid-March to Mid-April can also bring heavy tourism to the city.  The wrong time for savings could be the right time to visit beautiful events such as the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Other heavy tourism times are below:


Other Heavy DC Tourism Times

Fourth of July
Memorial Day

Or course, what better city to remember those who sacrificed there lives for the United States than in Washington DC (With the War Memorials).  Expect large crowds.

Fourth of July

There is normally a huge musical celebration on the mall.

Memorial Day
School Break Times | School Tours

High Schools from all across the country plan trips to the nations capital.  There are two large times of the year for trips (The Spring, Mid-March through Mid-June and the Fall, Early October through Thanksgiving).  There usually are more trips in the Spring.

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